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    Photography was always my passion and my dream job. It’s even difficult for me to call it a job, as I consider my profession as a hobby of my life. Meeting new people, catching their mood, being part of the happiest momentы of their life — isn’t it a dream?

    Before every photoshoot I usually receive a lot of questions from the couples. So I decided to gather all the tips I find usefull and I hope this information will help you and make our photoshoot more calm and comfortable.

    Photography is an important part of your wedding and it is great that you will have the great memories captured forever.

    Planning Before the Wedding

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    The Wedding Day

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    Image Delivery

    After the wedding day, I will work on delivering the photographs. Approximately in 2 weeks I will send a link to a proofing gallery, you’ll be able to select pictures for printing and download all images taked on your wedding day. I can also create a beautiful and unique photobook.

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    Family Photographs Checklist

    Here you can find the list of family photo combinations to keep in mind for the family portraits. All combinations assume pictures with two families.

    • Couple with parents
    • Couple with parents & siblings
    • Couple with parents, siblings + grandparents
    • Couple with immediate + extended families
    • Couple with mother
    • Couple with father
    • Couple with siblings
    • Couple with grandparents
    • First Client/Second Client with mother
    • First Client/Second Client with father
    • First Client/Second Client with siblings
    • First Client/Second Client with grandparents

    Choosing Location

    Decision on the location depends on the season, number of guests and your preferences. There are a lot of beautiful venues in the middle of the forest, on the sea side, near lake or river. I
 am always happy to share photos taken in different venues I worked at.

    If it Rains

    This situation can be handled in different ways and rain will not ruin your wedding day and you’ll definetly have great pictures from this special day. In case of the open air ceremony you should arrange umbrellas for your guests. In case of the open air dinner, make sure to have a tent.

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    Getting Ready

    You can get ready in your place or rent a hotel room or airbnb. For me as a photographer, it is important that location is bright ans spacios. So I recomment to choose apartment instad of a hotel room. But again, we will discuss all this details during our meetings before your wedding day.

    Additional Tips & Ideas

    If you’ll decide to have a color pallete for a dress code, it will e awesome for me. As such weddings usually look much better on pictures. Also you can consider of having a phone free weddings. All videos and pictures will be taken by my team, don’t worry and enjoy every moment of the day.

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    Leave your contacts and we will get back to you asap. We are here to help you.

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